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Public Toilets – The real cost of spending a penny

This publication has been produced in response to the concern about the closure of public toilets across the country and the awareness of the need for good public toilets to promote health, access and inclusion. Increasingly communities are looking at how they can become involved in saving or providing public toilets, so here we present some facts and examples of how other communities have gone about saving this service.

Below you will also find the accompanying webinar, delivered by Sandra Macaskill of CaskieCo, who has researched and written the publication for the Community Ownership Support Service, this webinar will draw on the experiences from urban and rural communities, discuss the issues to be considered and highlights some of the innovative approaches being taken. 

PDF icon Public Toilet Publication Final.pdf


The Planning Journey: 10 Junctions A Town Planners Perspective

This guide seeks to help you think creatively about how to engage in the planning process. It looks at real circumstances or possible examples which may help communities think of alternative ways to be involved in the planning process, to secure benefits through development which may not otherwise be available to them.
In this webinar, Sheila Hobbs, Planning Director from Scott Hobbs Planning discusses different strategies to provide solutions to problems faced throughout the planning process.
PDF icon DTAS 10 Junctions_4.pdf

Sustainable New Uses for Old Buildings

Introductory guide examining the opportunities and challenges involved with taking former civic buildings into community ownership.
PDF icon Sustainable New Uses For Old Buildings - print version

Profiting from Creativity

Exploring ways to bring creative industries in to the sustainabilty mix for community venues.
By Community Ownership Support Service, in association with Voluntary Arts Scotland.
PDF icon ProfitingfromCreativity.pdf

Community Ownership in Scotland - A Baseline Study

Through this study, Development Trusts Association Scotland (DTAS) has sought to establish the current scale and nature of community ownership of assets across Scotland. The research was conducted by DTAS’ Community Ownership Support Service (COSS). 

PDF icon Community Ownership in Scotland - A Baseline Study

Beyond the Usual Suspects

Fundraising for the development and ongoing management of your community asset will be a key part of your early planning. If you haven’t done it before it can seem daunting. This guide aims to help you to establish a funding package which encourages the inclusion and involvement of your community and develops a sense of local ownership.

Please be aware that since this guide was produced fundraising regulation has been subject to considerable change and fundraisers and boards/committees must keep themselves up to date with regulatory requirements in all areas of fundraising.  A big change is to require charities to assess and make judgements on the mental capacity and potential vulnerability of donors.  Please refer to the Fundraising Regulator website for more information.  

PDF icon Beyond the Usual Suspects: An introduction to a range of alternative approaches to raising finance and fundraising

Involving Your Community

A practical guide to the benefits and techniques for involving and consulting local communities in community asset based projects.

PDF icon Involving Your Community (COSS)